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Since I’m in India, I’ve restored my ‘old code’ (Texture and Object Generator). I’ve seen that my old code was almost finished, so I just retouched it a little bit, and prepare to release it for distribution (source code will be soon ready!).

Some years ago I already advised how the new model of object generation is working. Instead of using a single texture, now I use what I called a Texture Library, so you can use and reuse, the same texture without any size impact (and in a more efficient way).
The actual procedure that you need to do is:

  1. TextGen (ZNT): Create the ZNT texture(s), save to disk each texture.
  2. TextGenLib (ZNT->ZNL): Pack all your desired textures in a single Library file.
  3. ObjGen (ZNL->ZNO): Open a library file, and use the textures for generating the object!!

In ObjGen you can upload only one single Library file per object, but you can upload it multiple times, so you can try with different libraries, using the same object. Sounds weird, but is fun 🙂

Now you have the tools! are you asking for the code?? well, I’ve to solve some things (some code is dirty…), but if you send me a mail, I’ll be pleased in give it to you 🙂

And now… some nice shots!

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