Phoenix demoengine

Phoenix is the Spontz demoengine, which is a *huge* refactor from the old Dragon Spontz demoengine. In fact, is build from scratch, but with full compatibility with the Spontz demoeditor (new version coming!).

The new Phoenix demoengine has the same “spirit” as Dragon (uses the classic sections, and same SPO file configuration), but with many improves like:

  • New OpenGL version (it does not uses Vulkan, yep)
  • New GUI (thanks to Dear imGUI)
  • All code migrated to C++ with no memory leaks (hope so :D)
  • Many file formats supported (3D models, video, audio, images, etc.)
  • New mathematical expression evaluator (x3 times faster than the old one)
  • etc…

For more info, please check the github project page, and check as well the documentation wiki 🙂