Current version: 0.7.6

FMOD version: 3.75

Download: 0.7.6 ARM (WM2005 & WM2003 & 2002)

Download: 0.7.6 ARM (WCE 2.11)

Download: 0.7.6 MIPS (WCE 2.11)

Download: 0.7.6 SH3 (WCE 2.11)

Here you can download a selection of modules by sml^fuzzion. Thanks a lot for this selection, and everybody who contributed with a song!!! Thanks also Recena! for hosting this file in scenesp.org

Download: Demo-modules-pack by sml

What is pomod

  • pomod is music player for PocketPC.
  • pomod is based on the fmod libraries [www.fmod.org].
  • pomod is free.
  • pomod can reproduce these file formats: MP3, OGG, WAV, MOD, IT, XM and S3M.


  • A PPC with Windows Mobile 2002/2003/2005 or Windows CE (not tested yet).
  • .NET Compact framework libraries installed (by default on WM2003)

pomod does not require any special installation:

  1. Choose your package according your processor type (ARM, MIPS or SH3)
  2. Unpack the zip file
  3. Copy the two files of the program (pomod.exe and fmodce.dll) in any folder you want
  4. Execute pomod.exe!!


  • Play, stop, add file, save list… is really necessary to explain this? 😉
  • You can save the config of the program, it is always stored in a file called “conf.xml”, the file is automatically read when program starts and should be stored on the same folder than pomod.exe is.
  • pomod can save the playlist when closing and retrieve it when the application starts automatically. It can be configured through ‘config’ menu.

Can I help?

  • Of course my friend!!! I need new ideas, beta-testers, and much more!!
  • Take a look on Google Code Project

For any bug/doubt/whatever, contact me: Pere Felices Milán – xpherezn (aaaattt) gmail.com

Known bugs

  • If pocket pc is suspended while pomod is running, usually next song played causes a program crash, you are advised!! 😀
  • As far as I know, it does not run on smartphones.


Enjoy it!!

  • Credits:

Code: xphere [Pere Felices Milán]
Graphics: drumu [Estefania Soria Nabonne]

  • Greetings:

fmod.org crew
escena.org ppl
openNETCF.org community
Zona Neutra demogroup
Spöntz demogroup
drumu, brett, Dan Ardelean [HButtons], silenci, madgoblin, merlucin, erbe, napalm, dreams, sml, trace, sole, juanmaib, Zechner… and you!


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