Generating Cellular textures

One of my hobbies is the generation of procedural textures (yes, sounds weird!), and for years, I’ve been trying to generate a nice Cellular texture. I kept in my bookmarks the blackpawn’s tutorial, but I never had time to check it in deep.

Today I’ve spent some minutes reading it and… boum! cellular texture implemented!!!! The results are quite nice, but now is time for tweaking the formulas, and try to make more combinations.

I’ll post the full code soon, but meanwhile, you can check the results in the image below:

If you are one of my followers 😉 you’ll think “hey! you already had some code to generate cellular textures!!!”, yes, you’re right, but the code was ugly, as well as the generated textures!! this new code is much more simple and effective!


  1. Cellular textures have a certain something that makes them hypnotic.

    But now what about using them somewhere out of the texture generator? 😀

    Long time, no intro…

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