Cocoa tutorials updated!!

I have recieved some mails with doubts and bugs about the tutorials I did, so I decided to update them.
Estefania (drumu) suggested me to design them with a better look (could you believe? she said that my old desing was ugly!! :P), so I ask her for a new design, with CSS, new graphics, and good printing preview for a probably PDF export. And… she did it everything in one week! … and for free! hehe 🙂 :**
So, here you are! new designed tutorials!!! thanks Estefi!!

I have to give thanks also to Madgoblin, Raymon L. and Chris W. who helped me finding some bugs or improvements in the tutorials, thanks all!

I’ll will be working hard this days!

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  1. de nothing 😉 gràcies a aquest super tut he après algo de CSS 😛

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