1. You’re introducing dependencies with the MacOsX10.4u framework, seems to be something with latest version of Xcode. I think it’s the framework for getting universal binaries.

    Anyway, I just redid the work and could have it working in my G4 😉

    I’m also trying to learn some cocoa as well so this is cool. I was planning on writing some tutorial if I found something interesting so this has encouraged me 😀

  2. Dependencies?… uh… i dunno 😀 It’s my first mac 😀

    But, yes, with no doubt they are the universal libraries, because I’ve a intel Mac (macbook Pro).
    I’ve checked the compilation options and I’ve seen that I’me generatng only the intel build, so, maybe your problem is that the generated app could not run on our mac, probably you only need to change the compilation settings, but if you have redid the work… better i shut up 😛

  3. One questions… on G4 the MacOSX10.4u framework is not bundled??

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